CONCERTS | Fete de la Musique



To celebrate Fête de la Musique (June 21st), we are organising two free concerts in June. Both will take place at the Alliance Française du Cap. For more information, email us at




Hip Hop Jazz trio, SAX MACHINE is a return back to the future of “Great Black Music” : hard bop, afro beat, funk or hip hop collide into a new and unstoppable alloy. SAX MACHINE is an alchemical formula imagined by saxophonist & beatmaker Guillaume Sené (Like Jam, Leon Newars) and trombonist Pierre Dandin (Sergent Garcia, Malted Milk) that transforms the art of improvisation into a mesmerizing horns colored groove mixed and merged with loopers and machines.
From murals to music, from poetry to theater and film, from beats to rhymes; emcee, poet, keyboardist, video artist, and producer DAVU is a multidisciplinary artist constantly searching for new ways of expression. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a musical family, DAVU was first introduced to music by his grandfather, who was a guitarist with the Isley Brothers for many years. His old school hip-hop flow and his poetic rhymes prove that mind can revive hip-hop.

Genre: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Brass instruments || Official website 
155 Loop Street, Cape Town CBD | Free concert | Doors open at 7:00 pm




Coming all the way from French Island of Reunion, TIAS introduces us to a catchy acoustic-pop world allied to a singular voice and sensitive and optimistic texts in French or Creole - a true reflection of the cultural mix of our time. Nestled between Tracy Chapman's pop-folk and the lyrics of French singer Francis Cabrel, following in the footsteps of Reunionese artists such as Alain Peters and Ziskakan, and inflamed by funky rhythms, it is in a fusion that TIAS delivers his sweet emotions. Its ultra-mixed universe unveiled, the barriers are lifted. Tias draws his way between the Indian Ocean and mainland France, from artistic residences to festivals nationals.

Genre: Pop-folk, Jazz, Funk || Official website
155 Loop Street, Cape Town CBD | Free concert | Doors open at 7:30 pm