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Done to Death

A group exhibition



In August, we are proud to host a group exhibition: Done to Death, curated by Kobie Nieuwoudt.

Done to Death is a group exhibition aiming at exploring originality, repetition and reinvention in a rapidly-evolving visual culture. In a sense, every work of art can be seen as a continuation of a collective story. Just how original can a work of art be? When you consider the visual influences that bombard us on a daily basis, it is clear that originality in art and design is a spectre, a ghost. Is anything truly original, one can easily question if originality exists. What we should look for is unique adaptations, individual responses to ideas that have been expressed visually in one form or the other for centuries. So, by now, what hasn't been done to death?

Opening for First Thursdays on 2 August 2018 at 18:00 || Free entrance || Cash bar || Facebook
Exhibition on display at Alliance Française du Cap from 2 to 30 August 2018

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