Des clics et des classes

A photograph exhibition by students from Lycée Français du Cap



The association AN EYE FOR AN EYE creates photographic correspondences between groups of children around the world. Photography, taught as a language, gives them the opportunity to tell their lives in pictures even though they do not speak the same language and cannot meet physically.

The Lycée Français du Cap participates for the second year in this photographic project organized by AN EYE FOR AN EYE and in connection with the French minister of Education (Canopé). Since September 2017, two classes, the group of 6eB and the class of CM1, participate in photo workshops to learn the basics of this art and practice it.

The workshops (twice a month) were conducted in partnership with a young French photographer living in Cape Town; Yann Macherez, and the teacher of Fine Arts at the French Lycée du Cap; Liza Gabry.

During these workshops, students from Cape Town exchanged their work, their visions of their daily life, their lives in South Africa with two middle schools located in France, Niort and Vitré.

The team of the 8 graders of Vitré and the 6B graders of Cape Town worked on newspaper pictures on site in the District 6 museum and surrounding area and also exchanged newspaper articles about the two cities (Vitré and Cape Town). This latter work led to a studio session where students staged the title of their chosen newspaper article.

The team of CM1 with the 6 graders of Niort worked on the details of daily objects, the landscapes in South Africa and in France, they also played with the frames and the perspective via correspondence.

These works will be exhibited at the Photographic Encounters in Arles, one of the biggest photography events in France.

From 5 to 26 April, Alliance Française du Cap will exhibit some excerpts of the work of the students of the French school of Cape Town.
This will be a dream come true for this students, who will see their photographs exhibited to the general public and understand the impact that photography can have!


Opening for First Thursdays on 5 April 2018 at 18:00 || Free entrance || Cash bar
Exhibition on display at Alliance Française du Cap from 5 to 26 April 2018