Black Filmmakers Film Festival

Wednesday 29 March | 6pm for 6:30pm

Black Filmmakers Film Festival | Cape Town Screening




The Black Filmmakers Film Festival (BFFF) connects and showcases artists of colour from across the African continent and black diaspora through a series of events and workshops in the field of film and media. Through its various events, it seeks to establish itself as a principal port of call for aspiring black creatives, empowering them to realise their ideas in a supportive environment marked by mutual assistance and purposeful collaboration.

March screening list


Directed by Remi Vaughan-Richards
Duration: 25 Minutes
Every big city has gangs of young people on the margins... in Lagos, Nigeria, it's the Area Boys, bands of children and teenagers who scratch a living from petty crime and the informal economy. But when you're an Area Girl, life can be even tougher... especially in Lagos' teeming Ajegunle ghetto.

2.Ebola Checkpoint
Director: Mohamed Janneh
Color, 13 min.
Sierra Leone, 2016
Foday will try anything to make enough money to ensure that his son has the medical treatment he needs, even if this means abusing his position as police officer. Working at a checkpoint, he demands bribe money from people hoping to get through. Will Foday be able to raise enough money without getting caught?

3.Health Workers
Director: Sia Nyandemoh, Franklin T.O. M’Cormack
Color, 9 min.
Sierra Leone, 2016
The emergency services – they are the real heroes. Putting their lives on the line, they managed to keep the Ebola virus in check. At the same time, they themselves became increasingly stigmatised. In this film, two health workers, Mohamed and Alieu, talk about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.



Director: Liam Witcher
South Africa
Synopsis: The cat and mouse story of an outlaw couple fighting through their last obstacle towards freedom on the streets of Langa.

There will be a cash bar and food for your enjoyment. 
Time: 18h00 for 18h30 | Fee: R40