Cinemalliance x Ced Vernay | La Piscine

TUESDAY 27 FEBRUARY | 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm

Let’s freshen up Cinemalliance: Join us for an evening mixing cinema and visual art, vintage charm and modern zest!

Taking advantage of his short stay in Cape Town, we are teaming up with French artist Ced Vernay to bring you a very special screening on 27 February! Ced Vernay is a modern pointillist and a pixel explorer. He will create a brand new painting on magnets before our eyes… while we screen wonderful French film "La Piscine" (“The Swimming Pool”, 1969)! In this atmospheric thriller, Jacques Deray directed one of the most glamorous couples of French cinema: Romy Schneider and Alain Delon.

Don’t miss this unique event and opportunity to meet this interesting French artist! More info about Ced Vernay and "La Piscine" to come!


Directed by Jacques Deray with Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet, Jane Birkin
French-speaking film with English subtitles (English title: "The Swimming Pool")

Lovers Marianne and Jean-Paul spend their vacation in a villa near St.-Tropez. The main feature of the villa is a swimming pool, stage for most of the action. After a visit Marianne invites former lover Harry and his teenage daughter Penelope to stay. Tension between the grown-ups rises especially when Jean-Paul seduces Penelope. The consequences are deadly.

Who is Ced Vernay?

Ced VERNAY is a modern pointillist, a pixel explorer.
Although this element is excluded from all photographers, cameramen or graphic designers's work, Ced places the pixel in the center of his artistic work as a symbol of human imperfection.
To fully apprehend his universe, we must also understand his way of reasoning, a real invitation to explore the right hemisphere of our brain, that of a holistic or global perception of things materialized in his work. From the details or fragments symbolized here by the pixels, the human brain reconstitutes the image as a whole.
Born in 1968, Ced VERNAY was attracted to art at a young age, he later decided to pursue his interests in his studies. Starting in the United States at the Northwest Community College, he then moved back to France where he joined the prestigious art school Emile Cohl. He also spent more that ten years in Brazil where he started his artistic career.
Ced VERNAY is always pushing the limits of working with pixels.
After producing several portraits made with collage on confettis, or painting on canvas, in 2016 he decided to develop a new way of painting.
This time, the actual pixel is materialized by a magnet, round and enabling the image to be deconstructed and recreated, thanks to a clever way of numeration.
Here again, the distance, from which you are looking at the artwork, determines what you are going to see.
The idea behind is to drop the modern ways of focusing and rely on our own eyes, for once.


Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime || Duration: 2h02 min
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