Become an Alliance Francaise Partner

Partners become associated with the Alliance française de Durban Business Plan, in its mission to spread the French language, Francophone culture and its work in forging French-South African cultural links.

Partners participate in its annual Communication Plan by financing cultural projects and the communication tools used for and through these projects.

Partners provide financial support to the Alliance for a period of one year or more.

A Partner can also choose to fund a particular event for which he becomes the main or exclusive partner.

A Win-Win Exchange

In exchange, Partners are offered the following:

their logo appears on all instances of communication;
their brochures are available in the AFD reception area;
Alliance premises are made available at no cost to each Partner, twice a year (for meetings, receptions…);
invites to all events and to the events that the Alliance française de Durban partners, with one Main Partner Invitation/year
10 free memberships to distribute to staff or family
And more to discuss...

How to become a Partner

Enquire how to become an AF Partner
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