Students' Feedback


I wanted to say thank you very much for the very well organised soirée étudiante yesterday evening.

It was so much fun and I leaned a few more things about French culture and, of course, some more words to add to my vocab!

These events take a lot of preparation and I was very impressed with how professionally the Goose Game had been set up.

Events like this force me out of my comfort zone and I have to talk without notes, so thanks for these opportunities!




Describe in few words your experience at the Alliance Française:

I have enjoyed learning in a relaxed environment amongst friends and the exposure to other aspects besides the classroom learning as been most stimulating. I really look forward to my weekly sessions - Meena

Educated, passionate. Calm, organized, energized - Tess

I love going to the Alliance Française. The classes are intersting and well presented. The other class members have become friends and we all enjoy the class a great deal. The teachers are excellent and my French has improved to the point that I can speak with confidence while travelling in France - Hamper

Good, satisfied with all - Lydia



What is the best souvenir you have of your studies?

I have developed the confidence to make mistakes in public! - Deborah

Being able to speak some Zulu! - Lydia