Multimedia Library

The library of AF Maseru is a multi-media library focusing on France and contemporary francophone culture, the result of a partnership between the French Embassy in South Africa and Lesotho, the French Institute of South Africa and the Alliance Française of Maseru. We also have German books and DVD’s as we maintain a strong partnership with the Honorary consulate of Germany.

Corner Kingsway and pioneer Roads

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 9h00 to 13h00 & 14h00 to 19h00
Saturdays: 9h00 to 13h00

Contact info:
Tel. (+266) 22 32 57 22




What do we offer?

The library offers access to over 3.000 documents for adults, teenagers and children: books, comics, CD's and DVD (French cinema and documentaries), French Press, manuals to learn French, French language teaching aid and more...

The English collection: novels and comics by French authors translated into English

The Learner’s Library
The Learner’s library is a section specifically designed to support all students, regardless of their level of French language learning. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you will find documents which will enable you to further endorse yourself into the French language.

The idea behind a Learner’s Library is to provide a user-friendly resource system which indicates the level of difficulty ranging from levels A1 to B2, by the use of a color coded sticker system, providing a wide range of topics concerning French culture as well as linguistic tuition materials.

Featured material in the learner’s library includes not only documented reading material but the recently more desired, interactive and modern ways of learning French through magazines, CDs and DVDs. A wide range of genre categories means that there are French resources to meet the taste of every learner.

Our Materials

A 52-page magazine to improve your French that you’ll enjoy reading! Full of interesting articles on France and French culture, Bien-dire helps you understand what it is to be French.

Each article is graded for difficulty and has keywords translated into English. You’ll acquire idiomatic expressions and up-to-date vocabulary, receive news and practical information from France and even learn some slang. For intermediate and advanced learners, Bien-dire is also valuable, authentic teaching material for teachers.

The Bien-dire CD audio includes over 60 minutes of articles from the magazine read by native speakers as well as pronunciation and intonation exercises. Published every two months in Lyon, France, Bien-dire is a complete and enjoyable French learning experience.

How to become a member?

First think you need to read and accept our Terms and conditions!

Subscription for 12 months:
Individuals: M350
Students, scholars (upon presentation of a valid student card): M100

Family: M400
Alliance Française students: Free for the duration of their registration with us.

Please present the following on application:

Identity document or proof of domicile
Where appropriate: student card, proof of registration as an Alliance Française student

Members may borrow documents for 2 weeks:
5 books
3 magazines
2 CDs or audio books
3 DVDs