Exhibition: Equilibrium

Born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1951, Kathy Botha emigrated to Port Elizabeth in 1980.

Having studied art at school and later Fashion design and pattern cutting at the Clothing Institute of Rhodesia, she ran a very successful business of creating the wardrobes of a select clientele in Port Elizabeth. After 25 years the call to paint made her decide to retire from designing and making clothes. She studied Fine art, for 5 years, at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, followed by a further 2 years of private study with Professor Greg Kerr. Her first solo exhibition “Emergence” was held at Artec in 2012, and her second solo show “Resonance” was held at The GFI Art gallery, Port Elizabeth in 2016.
Through a two dimensional process of abstraction with paint and mixed media on canvas or board, she seeks to study the patterns or creation as clues to a deeper understanding of the Universe. She strives to create paintings that provoke a sense of energy, movement and mystery.

EQUILIBRIUM resonates a sense of striving for balance, stability, composure and serenity. The work is a continuation of Kathy’s two previous solo exhibitions, EMERGENCE in 2012 and RESONANCE in 2016, which all centre on the belief, that in nature, Order pervades throughout seeming chaos. Nature organizes itself in accordance with the fundamental rhythms of nature expressing as patterns, proportions, numerical systems, geometric relationships and energy fields.
Her work begins by setting up conditions in preparing the materials as well as environmental circumstances. It is her intention to avoid any sense of human authorship as she let go of any need to control the out-come. Kathy Botha makes a considered gestural pour and let the forces of nature take over the process. Physical and chemical reactions allow the innate potential for complex formations to occur. At a glance these formations appear to be chaotic, but on close examination many high-level structures, patterns, pigment reactions and interwoven relationships are revealed. The activity subsides and settles resulting in a state of EQUILIBRIUM.

Ultimately Kathy is trying to find order in the apparent chaos of life.


Saturday 26 August at 12p.m.
@Alliance Française - 17 Mackay Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth
Contacts: +27 41 585 7889 | admin.pe@alliance.org.za