Music Festival Exhibition

About the artists

NMU second and third year photography programme students, from the Department of Applied Design in the School of Music, Art and Design were assigned the task of photographing the bands performing at the eighth annual Alliance Fran├žaise Street Music Festival on the weekend of the 10th of June. This was a large-scale collaborative project involving photography students coordinated by photography lecturer, Glenn Meyer. The exhibition is being held in association with Alliance Fran├žaise in Port Elizabeth, who was the main organizer of the live music events and who will be hosting the exhibition in Mackay Street, Richmond Hill. The exhibition will show a selection of the best works produced by the students.

About the exhibition

The students photographed the performers before the event and worked with them during their live performances. Their aim was to highlight the vast array of musical talent and genres in our city whilst also promoting the music festival and Richmond Hill by capturing the events ambience.
Many of the performers are students in the NMU music programme. A lot of emerging musicians now have images they can go forward with in their own publicity and marketing and some have formed working partnerships with the young photographers who gained valuable real-world experience by working on a large and exciting live event