Trilogy Exhibition

About the artists

Anna Mari Burger teaches at the Cape Recife school. Her deep connection to the South African landscape gives her wonderful drawings of local flora and trees a particular magic.
Her paintings in oil are thoughtful, requiring the viewer to think as well as appreciate her technical ability.

Jenny Maltby teaches art at St Georges Preparatory school and in this capacity curates the very popular bi-annual Celebration of the Arts showcasing a wide selection of local artists. Jenny is very well known for her beautiful seascapes and in her popular abstract works one sees the influence of her underlying training in Graphic Design.

Les Bird has been teaching adult art classes for some 25 years and she is very proud that some of her past students are now successful artists. Her paintings are often taken from local surroundings reflecting the landscapes and people of the Eastern Cape.
She concentrates on capturing light colour and movement, tending to avoid detail, this gives her work an Impressionistic feel.

About the exhibition

The Trilogy exhibition showcases the divergent styles of these three artists. All three draw inspiration from local subjects but their very different approaches creates a varied kaleidoscope of work well worth viewing.